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Online Donations

Jai Maa Tarini
  • Online Donation is accepted through

  • Odisha Gramya Bank, Ghatagaon -A/c no.- 204310110000244 (IFSC Code:- BKID0BAITGB)

  • State Bank of India, Ghatagaon         A/c no.-  30910440740 (IFSC Code:-SBIN0012073)

  • Bank of India , Tarini Temple Branch A/c no.:-540510100000001(IFSC Code:-BKID0005405)

  • Keonjhar Central Co-operative Bank, Ghatagaon A/c No.  7053000008

  • Donation is also be made from any other bank through NEFT/RTGS to the above accounts.

  • The copy of the deposit slip/ Online Payment Receipt with transaction number  with your name, Gotra and address may be sent to the following email address:  maatarini.ghatgaon@gmail.com.

Sl. No.

Name of the Puja

Amount to be paid
1. e-Nadia: Offering of 108 Coconuts with puja to Maa Tarini in the name of the Devotee. Rs. 1606.00
2. Badasinghar  or Marjana Puja Rs. 681.00
3. Manasika  Arnna Prasad Distribution for 100 peoples Rs. 3800.00
4. Manasika  Arnna Prasad Distribution for 1000 peoples Rs. 30370.00
Normal Donation Price:
(Enter Amount Should be Greater than RS.50/-)

List of Donors donated through our bankers for different Puja

Sl.NoName of the DevoteeAmount PaidDate
1 Sakuntala pattjoshi51.0009/12/2023
2 ANUSHKA MOHAPATRA20.0007/12/2023
3 ANUSHKA MOHAPATRA20.0006/12/2023
4 ANUSHKA MOHAPATRA20.0006/12/2023
5 Ashwini Mohapatra2160.0002/12/2023
6 Ashwini Mohapatra2160.0002/12/2023
7 ANUSHKA MOHAPATRA20.0001/12/2023
8 ANUSHKA MOHAPATRA20.0001/12/2023
9 ANUSHKA MOHAPATRA20.0001/12/2023
10 ANUSHKA MOHAPATRA20.0001/12/2023
11 Priyantosh Sahu220.0027/11/2023
12 Priyantosh Sahu220.0027/11/2023
13 Priyantosh Sahu220.0027/11/2023
14 Priyantosh Sahu220.0027/11/2023
15 Priyantosh Sahu220.0027/11/2023
16 Priyantosh Sahu220.0027/11/2023
17 Priyantosh Sahu220.0027/11/2023
18 Srimoy Mishra20.0022/11/2023
19 Srimoy Mishra20.0022/11/2023
20 Srimoy Mishra20.0022/11/2023
21 Srimoy Mishra20.0022/11/2023
22 Ashwini Mohapatra2160.0021/11/2023
23 Prakash500.0016/11/2023
24 Priyantosh Sahu220.0013/11/2023