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Addl Asst Comissoiner of Endowments Sambalpur


Pivotal role of religion and religious institutions is to enable a person to face a real life situation having ample religious knowledge embodied with self confidence. Temples are a part of the cultural patrimony of the nation which are to be preserved and protected for prosperity.


I feel privileged to be amidst the integral part of such a divine institution Maa Tarini Temple has its own history and divinity. The management of the institution have made remarkable efforts to monitor and regulate temple affairs so as to ensure that the interest of the public are safeguarded and that temples function for the well being of the community.


With the blessings of Maa Tarini, the temple administration is toiling hard for the better manifesto of the institution and the devotees as well.


It would be my sincere and iconic approach to all the persons involved with the management and all the devotees of Maa Tarini to show their belongingness and benevolence towards the institution and to help consistently for the betterment of the temple of our loving deity- Maa Tarini.