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Daily Rituals

Maa Tarini Temple open for Darshan for all her devotees at a specified time every day and devotees are allowed to offer DARSHAN during that time.Find below the opening times of the Temple of Maa.From April to September 7.30 AM to 12.30 PM and from 3.30 PM to 7 PM.From October to March 7.30 AM to 12.30 PM and from 3.30 PM to 7 PM.Last Thursday in the month of ASHADHA 7 pm to 10 PM After the opening of the temple to till the close of the temple the following rituals observed daily at the shrine of Maa.


1.Sakala Arati/Balyabhoga 6 A.M. (April to September) 6.30 AM (October to March)  

2. Madhyahnna Dhupa (Khechidi,Khiri,Dalma) 10.00 AM

3. Madhyahnna Pahada 1.00 PM

4. 2nd Hour Opening Time  3.30 PM (April to September) & 3 P.M (October to March)

5. Sandhya Dhupa (Chakuli Khira) 5.00 PM

6. Sandhya Arati 7.30 PM

7. Rarti Pahada 8.00 PM


Maa's ritual begins at 6 AM daily morning at 6 AM. MAA first takes her bath every morning. Before the bath ritual of MAA the goddess idol was pasted with turmeric ,Chua (kind of rough oil) and sandal paste. Then water is poured on MAA to complete the ritual of Bath. Then the Puja begins with lots of Ghantas (Bells), Aarti and is completed by the Balya bhoga (Ukhudaa beaten rice which is famous in Odisha), coconut, Bananas and other sweets. This puja is also called Badasighar Puja.


The second ritual of MAA is called Khechudi Dhupa. Which observed generally at Noon (10.00 AM) everyday. Maa is offered a cooked rice with lintels and vegetables called Khechudi with Khiri. 


Maa Tarini loves Nadia(Coconut), so famous as Nadia Rani. So Devotees offer Coconut alongwith Banana, Flower, Matighoda, Deepa, Mukuta, Saree, Achaka,Gua, Arua Chaula, Fruits etc to Maa and pray for the blessings. Also Sweets (Peda, Sandhesh, Ladu, Ukhuda) are also offered along with all these items.


Arnna Prasad (Khechudi/Arnna,Dali,Curry,Bhaja & Khata) and Chakuli Prasad (Chakuli Pitha & Milk) are also available for the devotees in the Prasad Sale Counter after Arnna Dhupa and Sandhya Dhupa in the following timing and price.

1.Arnna Prasad (Khechudi/Arna,Khiri,Dali,Curry,Bhaja,& Khata) 10.30 AM Rs. 55.00 per Prasad  (No Parcel) 

2.Chakuli Prasad (Chakuli Pitha & Milk) 5.00 PM Rs. 2.00